ManAvenue – Waking up with Adam Santos

Take a quick look towards your bed, and you’ll see a man in your bed.  He just did a manavenue videos, so he moves around and tosses the linen back and you then realize it’s a huge, muscle guy on your bed. Adam Santos is hot and he knows it, and so he takes fully advantage of it. He moves around the room, making sure we get a full frontal of his huge hard dick and he gets in front of a mirror, he starts playing with himself, seeing his hot reflection in the mirror. We get a full blow as he cums in a full orgasm and his juice drips all over the mirror. Check him out in this latest man avenue and be really sorry that this is just a video.
Well either way you are going to want to see more and more of this stud soon. And you can rest assured that he will be making a superb comeback with an amazing and fresh update once more. Sit back and watch as today this guy takes you through his routine after he wakes up. The firs thing is to take off his underwear and take his seat on his chair as he likes to start his day in force. He always jerks off and blows a load as soon as he wakes up and this fine day you get to see it as well!

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Man Avenue Videos – Jorge Alvarez

Hot looking Jorge is back and he is even hotter that we remembered. If that is possible. In these latest man avenue videos, Jorge gives us some really wonderful minutes. He starts with some muscles exercises, just to  show off, cause he knows he is hot. As he turns to us, we get a beautiful frontal of his hard huge dick and our kinky imagination simply can not stop wondering, but we know that  we get more at He moves a little more and all of the sudden, he cums in a full orgasm, splashing all over the place with his jizz. After this lovely staghomme show, he runs to  shower to  cool off. Told it will some wonderful minutes

Well Jorge packs a pretty big and thick cock and you can pretty much bet that he is really proud of it too. Today he gets some alone time in the shower and as the cameras follow him you get to see him take his nice and long shower as he gets to play around with himself as well. the first thing he does as the warm water runs down is body is to caress that nice cock and get it big and hard. He was super horny and he could barely wait to get around to stroke it fast and hard. Sit back and enjoy his jerk off session and see him masturbating until he blows his load in the shower. We hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you next time!

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Tango ManAvenue

Uau! Tango manavenue is back  with a brand new photo shoot. And boy, has he worked out his hot body. In this latest bearfilms we see him on a yacht, tanning his perfect body and of course he just couldn’t help touching himself, cause his cock is just so yummi. And as he gets it all hard, he stands up to make sure we get a full frontal of his joy. I just can’t stop imagining what that hard huge dick could do to me and i get all wet. Check him out and get ready to be pleasantly surprised with this stud’s absolutely superb and sexy body for the afternoon. So let’s not delay any longer and see this hunk in action shall we?

Tango as you can see was on a cruise boat and he kind of got in the mood to be naughty. And so he started to strip for the cameras showing that simply superb and tanned muscled body of his. Of course he dropped all of his clothes after some posing as he wanted to lube up his nice and big cock as well. But as you can pretty much imagine that degenerated into a superb little jerk off session. Sit back and see him stroking his hard and erect cock today and see him blowing his load all over himself. He then takes to pose some more as he felt really satisfied with everything. See you guys soon as usual and enjoy!

tango manavenue preview

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Peter and Jozo: FUCK!

This latest man avenue videos bring to you hot looking Peter Johnson as he wears down Jozo. He gives it to him in just about every possible position and he really enjoys it. But Jozo also wants his share of feeling some pleasure and so he crams his huge hard cock into his friend’s mouth and Peter does not let him down. He sucks him like candy on a stick and really enjoys as his friend cums all over his face. Check out these two nasty M2Mclub boys only at manavenue videos today. Anyway, this fine update brings you two very hot and horny studs as they spend their afternoon having some hard style sex just for your entertainment.

peter and jozo fucking hard

Peter called his good fuck buddy named Jozo and asked him if he’d fancy dropping by for some afternoon fun. Well Jozo knows exactly what that entails and he didn’t waste a minute getting to this guy’s place eager to have sexual fun with him. Sit back and watch Peter greeting his buddy with a huge smile when he arrives as he was eager to get it on too. You get to see as the guys suck each other’s cock to get themselves nice and hard, and then Jozo slides his nice and big cock all the way to his balls in Peter’s naughty and firm ass today. Watch them fuck and do come back next week for more amazing and hot scenes!

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Jay Man Avenue

What do you do when you are hot and outside is hot and sunny. You make a brand new jay man avenue and show it off to just about everyone. We got him out of the house, stripped him to his sexy white underwear and started shooting. He knew he got it and that the girls and boys would eat him up, so that made job a lot easier. This hot piece of meat is really open minded and funny, key ingredients to knock out everyone. If you liked this hot guy cum inside website and find some similar galleries featuring other hot guys, so let’s just see this guy along with his superb and sexy update shall we?

Jay, fancied exposing himself outdoors for this scene and as you can see he was all prepared for the sun to caress his nice and sexy body today. Watch him taking the time to remove his shirt and pants only to let his underwear on as he starts to pose and show off those nice and sexy muscles all over his ripped body today. Of course you also get to see him get completely nude for you as well as this stud just loves showing off his nice and big cock. Sit back and watch him posing around and see his superb jerk off session as well as he was eager to do that too. Enjoy it and see you next time with more!

jay man avenue pic gallery

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ManAvenue Christian

These tow hot men can not simply get their hands off one another. As soon as they get the room to themselves, the fucking begins,resultin in a brand new manavenue Christian video. They kick off with a some delicious cock sucking as Dane gets down on his knees and starts sucking his friend. After they get a taste of their inside, they get to the serious fucking,as Dane’s legs are all of the sudden thrown in the air and Christian fucks him hard and long. These two guys can go on all night long. And they do, so let’s get started with their nice and unforgettable fuck for this nice and hot afternoon shall we everyone?

manavenue christian an his lover

As another fresh week started there was no way that we were passing on the opportunity to show off this horny duo of studs as they get to do some hard fucking. Watch and the sexy Chris gets around to reveal his fuck buddy’s nice and big cock and see him starting to suck it with a passion. He was doing such a good job that Dane was moaning in pleasure and loving every moment of the blow job and deep throat. Sit back and watch them taking it a step further as Chris lets his buddy fuck his nice and tight ass with that nice and big hard cock today. As usual we hope you loved it and stay tuned for more next week! Until then, visit the site and see some sexy Latino men sucking one another’s big cock!

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Fuck Rewind

This week we have a treat for you from manavenue videos as we bring to you tree brand new ones, to make sure that every kinky nasty desire of yours will be satisfied. We give to you some sweet cock sucking which ends in a full frontal of cum, some serious ass fucking, making sure he gets as deep as possible, ripping his friend’s ass apart and some hard humping, having an awesome orgasm. Whatever your wish for, something for all. Maybe let your dick decide. If you liked this video check out website and have a great time watching other hairy dudes fucking each others tight asses!

Well what we have here is a nice and classy porn compilation of studs that just want to take the time and fuck one another in the ass for you. And we have some of our best guys fucking as well. IT’s a three parter and as you will observe each scene is hotter than the last. The compilation is full of tight ass fucking and horny guys moaning in pleasure as some nice and hard cocks are getting shoved deep inside those mighty fine asses. So just sit back and take the time to enjoy this amazing and hot scene with some balls deep anal fucks and see you guys next time with some more amazing and hot galleries as always. Bye bye!

hairy dudes shagging their asses at man avenue

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Dalton Man Avenue

We got really good feedback when we released Dalton man avenue, and so we were really thrilled to have him back for a brand new photo shoot. He said to us that he had a great time when he worked for, and that pretty much made our day. This time we got him all naked, cause we know everyone loves a masculine hairy body, and put him under the shower. He really enjoyed feeling the hot water rolling down his chest hair, reaching his huge hard dick and falling on his legs. This is part of the do not miss category. If you liked him cum inside blog and watch other muscled guys getting naked and jerking off in front of the cam!

dalton exposing his xl tool at the showers man avenue

Dalton just came back from work, and that was mainly his reason for taking this fine and long shower for you guys. But since he was also kind of turned on she was going to take care of pleasing himself as well while you get to watch him. See as the hot water runs along every inch of his simply superb and sexy body, and see him reaching down to his cock as he starts to stoke it slowly. He gets bigger and harder and with that he also starts to masturbate properly. Enjoy his jerk off session today in the warm shower and see him blowing his load all over himself and the place. Have fun watching this hot guy jacking off for you!

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Robert ManAvenue

Robert is the kind of guy i really love, cause he is so handsome and so hot that he makes my job so much easier. For this latest Robert manavenue gallery we decided to give you the best he is capable. We got him out by the pool, and made him shoot only with a sexy pair of jeans on him, showing his worked chest muscles, his firm arms and big hands, cause we know what makes you go all wet and nasty. Don’t miss him on this latest gallery. He is so hot, just like the guys from unglory hole galleries. So check him out and have fun with his nice photo shoot for today’s amazing and fresh update everyone.

Rob here is a very fine and sexy stud and as you can see yourselves he packs a very sexy and sizzling hot muscled body that’s always eager to be showed off to anyone that wants to see it. Watch closely and see him taking the time to expose himself to the cameras and you guys at the pool side for this nice and relaxing afternoon. He starts off by removing his shirt to show you his nice and big pecs and then works his way down as you can imagine. In the end you get to see that nice and big cock of his and how he likes to please it, and rest assured that you will love seeing him jerk off all naked in the back garden.

robert posing sexy at manavenue

Watch sexy Robert as he strips and please himself!


Peter Johnson ManAvenue

What started out as bragging about biceps and muscles, turned into a fuck night. This peter johnson manavenue videos was inevitable once we got these two hot man in the same  room. Before we knew it Peter was down on his knees, sucking hard on Martin’s huge dick, making him gasp and enjoy every moment. Once the foreplay is done, they get down to the serious business, and Peter’s legs are up in the air, faster than you can say "fuck" and Martin goes as deep as he can, ripping apart that tight ass hole. You have to check them out at man avenue or visit website if you’re looking for similar videos. So let’s get this show started.

peter johnson getting analy shagged at manavenue

Peter was the brains of this little operation as he just wanted that nice and naughty ass of his fucked hard and fast and he couldn’t wait any longer. So just sit back and watch him sucking and slurping on Martin’s cock to get him nice and hard for his fine tight ass. Martin wastes no time either as he just shoves his nice and big cock deep inside that tight ass balls deep and fucks him hard style. See this wild gay fuck through to the end and see both studs as they end up covered in one another’s sticky warm jizz for this nice and hot afternoon update. We will be bringing you some more scenes next week so make sure that you stay tuned!

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