ManAvenue Tim

Tim is just one of those men you could lick and suck from top to bottom. And in this latest manavenue Tim, he shows us all the goods. He has a very white soft skin, which is really lovely to  touch, not to mention his hard biceps and shaved chest. He loves to shoot, especially naked on a satin white bed. He really enjoys touching himself, ticking his huge dick, making it all hard and ready for a good long fuck. Check him out on the latest man avenue videos.

Don’t miss his nice scene as you get to see this hot and sexy stud as he exposes his nice and sexy body just for your viewing pleasure this afternoon everyone. So let’s just sit back and watch him start to have fun with that nice and big cock of his shall we? If you liked this guy check out the site and watch other muscled guys jerking off!

manavenue tim in a nice solo act

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Horny Girth fucking CJ Madison

Girths and CJ are sharing he same apartment and they know each other since college. Girth is gay but he never told anyone that he likes to fuck guys. When he finds some dildo’s in CJ’s room, he decides to spy on his flat mate and see what is CJ doing with them. Girth never imagined that CJ might be a gay guy, because CJ has a girlfriend. One day Girth gets home and he hears noises from CJ’s room. Luckily the door is half open so he quietly takes a look inside and finds CJ jerking his cock and fucking his ass with a dildo.

Girth decides to go in the room and CJ is not even surprised. He tells Girth that he is not gay but he likes fucking his ass with toys. Girth starts watching CJ as he fucks his ass with his dildo, then he asks him if he would like to feel a real cock inside his ass. CJ decides to give it a try. The feeling of a cock fucking his ass is a hundred time better and they both end up shooting their loads all over the place. If you want to see some straight guys having gay sex, go to and check them out now. You are going to love those scenes. Make sure to come back soon and watch new man avenue scenes!


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Horny Tomm and Straight Angelo

Tomm and Angelo are both working as residents in the same hospital. Tomm is gay and he’s been hanging out with Angelo who is straight. They use to go out after work and when Tomm takes Angelo to a gay bar Angelo tells Tomm that one day he is going to let him fuck his ass. Angelo is kidding but Tomm keeps hearing those words in his mind and he gets a hardon every time he thinks about it.

Tomm can’t even concentrate at work anymore and he is having a rough day because their boss tells Tomm to get his shit together of he is off from one of the best case. Tomm heads back to the resident’s room when Angelo comes to check up on him. He knows that he is somehow guilty and while he tries to consulate Tomm, his buddy can’t help it and kisses Angelo. Surprisingly Angelo kisses him back and they start undressing one another exposing their hot muscular body. Tomm bends over and Angelo slides his cock in Tomm’s ass and starts fucking him hard and fast. Both guy shoot their big loads of cum and Tomm feels like he is the luckiest guy in the whole world. If you want to see other straight guys in gay sex scenes go to and check them out. Have fun and visit us again!


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Tomm and Angelo Cruz making out

For our today’s incredible update, we will amaze you with two horny guys that are planning to make out in such an incredible manner. You are going to get really turned on by these two, cause they are planning to make out big time, to explore their own bodies with their palms and hands, to shove their palms into their pants and to grab their balls and start squeezing them with so much passion. You are going to love seeing these two, cause they are incredibly awesome and they will totally impress you with their passion.

You must see how Tomm is going to start licking Angelo’s nipples, seeing how they are getting hard and pointy. See those cocks getting harder and bigger, just like some rock stones, getting ready for the more hardcore session that is about to begin. This is just the beginning so you should definitely see the whole scene. Have a look at as well, for extra scenes that will blow your mind. Enjoy!

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Tomm’s boner exposed

For the today’s video, we prepared a super naughty guy that is going to undress for you! See this horny bear, Tomm, exposing his hot hairy physique that is turning us on with no efforts. You are going to adore watching him coming from the shower, having water drops all over that worked out body! See how he is covered only by a white towel that is barely covering his huge tool. You will see that towel getting away in the end, exposing that huge tool. Have a look at him and see what other things is he going to expose now!

You are going to be amazed by him and his incredibly hot naked body. He will drop the towel, of course, and he will simply amaze us with his great boner! Enjoy watching him and have a look also at the newest post, to see what other things are going to be revealed there! Enjoy each moment and have a fantastic time!

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Special Workout

Hey guys! We brought something special for today. We have these two hunks sucking and fucking each other after their workout. Our ripped hunk was a busy business man that didn’t have enough time to go to the gym so he hired a personal trainer. He asked for a younger trainer, because he needed more attention on her lower part of his body. When he heard the door bell and opened the door and saw this hot blond hunk with an amazing body. They changed in their workout clothes and started stretching in the living room. His hand slipped a bit lower that expected and in no time he ended up fucking his sexy trainer in the middle of the room. He got the training he needed, a good stretch and a nice blowjob and of course a rough fuck as well. If you enjoyed this scene you must visit for more updates with the hottest hunks. Enjoy it and see you later!

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Hot Male Fucking

We have more horny hunks for you guys. These two just couldn’t wait to get the room for themselves and to started fucking each other’s ass on their leather couch. They are room mates for a couple of weeks and found out that they have the same interest, and that being big cocks. The younger one moved a few weeks ago in the apartment and was kind of shy at the beginning and didn’t really was interested in talking with the rest of the guys. Well one of them caught him watching gay porn the other day, when he entered to invited him in the living room for a beer. He was so embarrassed, but when he saw his room mate smiling her knew that he liked guys as well. They didn’t start on the right foot, but they sure ended it in the right way. So don’t miss them out pounding each other’s butthole and also take a look at for more old guys fooling around in hot gay scenes. Enjoy it!

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