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Girths and CJ are sharing he same apartment and they know each other since college. Girth is gay but he never told anyone that he likes to fuck guys. When he finds some dildo’s in CJ’s room, he decides to spy on his flat mate and see what is CJ doing with them. Girth never imagined that CJ might be a gay guy, because CJ has a girlfriend. One day Girth gets home and he hears noises from CJ’s room. Luckily the door is half open so he quietly takes a look inside and finds CJ jerking his cock and fucking his ass with a dildo.

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Tomm and Angelo are both working as residents in the same hospital. Tomm is gay and he’s been hanging out with Angelo who is straight. They use to go out after work and when Tomm takes Angelo to a gay bar Angelo tells Tomm that one day he is going to let him fuck his ass. Angelo is kidding but Tomm keeps hearing those words in his mind and he gets a hardon every time he thinks about it.

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